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Day 99 - A Diminutive Day in Great Village


So my day today consisted of little more than watching all three of the Matrix films, doing some grocery (read: booze) shopping, relaxing on the La-Z-Boys, blogging, leaving messages at travel clinics regarding vaccinations, (and getting no responses - boo!) ringing my Mum for a chat, consuming lots of pizza, garlic cheese sticks, roasted peanuts and beer, then going to bed rather tipsy. You should note however that the weather here over the past few days has mainly consisted of rain, rain and more rain so it hasn't been conducive to my leading an outdoorsy lifestyle. (read: me making excuses for staying inside and being lazy for a few days)

There's only one week left until I move on now and I'm very much ready to leave. I'm trying to make a concerted effort in my planning of the next stage of my trip however it's easy to fall into a laid back routine (not that you'd think it by my recent blog posts, eh?) and as such, I find myself not getting too far with each day that passes. I'm not worried however as things have a way of working themselves out and I'm sure that when the time arrives for me to leave this green and pleasant land, I will have a thorough (but still quite relaxed) plan formulated. (I mean hey, I'm going to run out of films to watch and beer to drink one of these days so I'll have to find something else to occupy my time!)

Au revoir!

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Days 97 & 98 - My Work Here Is Done!

Hey all!

The past two days have been pretty similar in terms of what I've done and when, (freakishly similar in fact!) and I haven't done all that much so I will make this blog entry brief so as to not send you to sleep.

Both days I painted the skirting boards & door frames upstairs which means that I have now completed all of the work required of me and I am free to do what I like all day, every day. (woo!) Once I had done with painting I spent the rest of both days relaxing, speaking with my family on Skype, watching TV and films and generally not doing anything too strenuous. The only major differences to speak of over the past two days were that I didn't feel very good yesterday (I feel awesome now though so it's ok) and that I had a major rush whilst half asleep at 7.30am the day before yesterday to try and get the bins out before the bin men left (I failed - I'm sure the guy looked at me and then drove off, leaving me standing there with mud covered socks and bags full of rubbish!)

So that's about it really, not too exciting I know. The only other news is that I have now booked my train ticket out of here on 1st October, leaving Truro at 2pm and arriving in Ottawa at 12pm the next day. As my New Zealand visa isn't going to happen I have been looking into other places to visit instead and I'm pretty much set on going to China for a month, then possibly going on to Vietnam, Cambodia then Thailand. At present I'm trying to sort out the vaccinations that I'll need for the trip and if you check back again in a few days time I should have some more details to share with you.

Bye for now!

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Day 96 - Firewood Replenishment, Cookies & Roof Dwellers


So today I had decided to paint the skirting boards in the hall/landing of the house but after my heavy day of painting yesterday I decided to do something different; filling up the firewood supplies for the house. (all fun stuff) I kitted myself out in the wood carrying apron that Shelly had made to enable more wood to be carried per trip and then I headed down to the wood pile. Now there are has two wood storage areas inside the house, one in the kitchen for the wood burner that heats the house and one for the fireplace in the living room. I started with the one in the kitchen and even with the ingenious apron it took about ten trips back and forth (and it's quite a way) to fill it up. For the larger storage area in the living room I decided to use the wheelbarrow to cart wood up from the wood pile and then after some messing about with the old patio doors (and cleaning out of years of accumulated dog fur and gunk - ergh) I got them to open so I was able to take the wood straight into the living room rather than having to traipse through the house with it. (It's been outside for ages and is full of dirt/creatures that fall out when you carry it around) After a few more trips to the wood pile the job was done so I cleaned up and then settled down on the sofa for a well earned rest. #

I spent a while watching TV and playing poker then I got peckish and decided to see what tasty edibles were in the house. It turned out that there were none so I weighed up what baking ingredients were about and about half an hour later I had a big plate full of peanut, almond & cashew nut cookies sitting in front of me! They were really nice, not too sweet and not too, well, nutty. I called my Sister and had a good long chat with her which was nice, then I had my tea (and another cookie) whilst watching Little Miss Sunshine, (which is a great film!) had a couple of beers and then headed up to bed.

Once I had brushed my teeth and got in bed I heard the same noise that has been present the past few nights when I've been trying to sleep. It sounds like the animals of farthing wood are on the roof and inside the walls, scratching and gnawing away trying to get into my living space. If it's mice or squirrels it wouldn't be too bad really, I just hope that it's not racoons or skunks but I shall have to wait until Dave gets back to check it out as I haven't seen any ladders long enough to get up to roof level. Until then, I'll just keep a spade by my bed I think then if anything manages to make its' way into my room it won't last long. (splatting a skunk would mean the house would have to be burnt however as the stench would soak into everything and it's horrible)

Right then, I'll be off now I think. If you don't see a blog from me tomorrow then I may have been eaten in my sleep.


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Day 95 - Barn Completion, Painting Accidents & Chilling

Why hello there!

So today I got up and decided to get the barn finished as it had been going on long enough. I got together all the tools that I would need (no power tools today bar a screwdriver as Lucas had taken them for his job) and made my way down to the barn. I measured up the final piece of siding and cut it then I offered it up and it was a perfect fit which was good as it I didn't have any spare pieces. Once I had secured it I got on to the main job of painting. Now it's a pretty big area so I had two and a half cans of paint and as it turns out, it was a good job I had so much as it only just did the job. It took about four hours to paint the whole lot as the siding panels' surfaces were covered in a fake wood grain texture which meant I had to go over each panel a few times in different directions before it was all filled in. (I'll be a pro at this painting lark by the time I get home)

When I was about half way through painting I managed to flick quite a bit of it in my hair/on my head and as it was an oil based paint it was extremely difficult to get out with soap and water however I didn't really want to start pouring paint thinner on my head as I don't fancy being bald any time soon. Once I had finished and had a paint thinner wash of my hands and arms I cleared up and made my way back up to the house where I spent the evening relaxing. I watched a movie called Lady of the Water which was actually pretty good, (by Canadian film standards) blogged for a bit, tried to sort out my visa for New Zealand by way of emails and phone calls, (which doesn't look like it'll be happening but ah well, the world's a big place so I can just go to somewhere else instead) then I did my journal and went to sleep.

I don't have a whole lot of work left to do before I leave where I am at present so my blogs for the next few days may be a bit short but not to worry, I'm currently planning the next stage of my adventure so exciting times are just around the corner!

Over and out.

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Day 94 - Rest & Relaxation...Who Said Men Can't Multitask!


So today I decided to just have a day off from doing anything. (it was a Sunday after all!) I won't bore you all by dragging out what was a relatively mundane day of watching TV, browsing the net, playing poker, chatting to Lucas and stuffing my face. The only exciting bit of news from today is that me & Lucas have planned to go on a two or three day canoe trip this weekend down a local river which is 55Km in length! (I forget the name of it but it's a native name so I wouldn't know how to spell it even if I could remember it - it began with an S anyway) He's given me a book called Pole, Paddle & Portage to look at this week in the hope that I can gleam enough information from it to prepare me for the trip. They have a big canoe and life jackets etc. and the river doesn't have rapids or anything so I'm sure we'll be fine. It should be fun though canoeing and camping, making fires and catching fish to eat along the way. (we will be taking other food supplies though in case we have a repeat of the other day's fishing problems)

So that's it for today folks. It's back to the grindstone tomorrow with it being Monday and I think I'll finish the barn siding and get it painted so check back for the finished results tomorrow. (and yes I know, more painting...it's outside this time though so it's a bit different!)

Bye for now!

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